Yacht rental is a highly popular activity, especially during summer vacations. There are hundreds of yacht rental companies in various coastal areas of Turkey, each offering different services. However, for those who are new to yacht rental, this process can be quite challenging. In this article, we will provide you with some important information about what you need to know when renting a yacht.

1. Size of the Yacht

Yacht rental companies offer customers yachts with different features. The size of the yacht influences the rental fee, travel characteristics, and speed. The size of the yacht determines the rental cost. For example, renting a larger yacht is more expensive, but can accommodate more people.

2. Mechanical Maintenance

Before yacht rental, it is important that the yacht has undergone mechanical maintenance. The rental company checks if the yacht is ready for use. This helps them identify any possible issues in advance. As a result, the likelihood of experiencing mechanical problems during the journey is lower.

3. Insurance for My Yacht

During yacht rental, many rental companies provide information about the insurance coverage of the rented yachts. Yacht insurance protects you in case of any potential damage. Therefore, it is important to obtain detailed information about the insurance status of the yacht during the rental process.

4. Extra Amenities

When renting a yacht, it is important to consider your extra amenities. For example, there may be options for a music system, sun loungers, onboard dining, or renting a jet ski or water skis. These extra services can enhance your enjoyment for you and your family throughout the journey.

5. Crew

Yacht rental services can also provide a crew. Having an experienced crew to assist you during the journey can reduce your worries and make your vacation more comfortable and enjoyable. However, hiring a crew may come at an additional cost.

Yacht rentals continue to be a popular activity during the summer holidays. However, the process of renting a yacht can be challenging depending on your knowledge and experience. In this article, we have highlighted important points to consider when renting a yacht. Conducting thorough research on yacht rental companies will help you make the right choice. As you gain experience in yacht rentals, you can explore larger yachts and create unforgettable vacation memories.