Kas is a coastal city in the southwest of Antalya overlooking the Aegean Sea. This charming town attracts holidaymakers as a quiet holiday destination compared to many touristic places in Turkey. However, besides the many activities to do in Kaş, a few days at sea will of course be an unforgettable experience. Yacht charter services in Kas allow holidaymakers to spend pleasant moments on the beaches of this town and have an unmissable holiday with the freedom it offers.

Chartering a yacht in Kas is an ideal option for a perfect holiday. In floating accommodation, it is possible to get away from the crowd and spend a peaceful holiday by disconnecting from the city life. It also offers the opportunity to discover the beauties of Kaş from the sea. If you wish, you can even reach the famous Kekova island in Demre. All this can be done with the options of daily rental or weekly rental.

Yacht charter services in Kas offer many boats of different sizes. If you want, you can find small boats that you can sail with only a few people, or yachts with a capacity of 20-30 people. If you do not know about boat driving, you can also choose a professional to be the captain. Kaş is home to many experienced yacht charter companies.

Romantic Holiday Opportunity

Yacht charter is also an ideal option for a romantic vacation. While witnessing the natural beauties of Kaş, you can spend time with your lover in the magnificent views overlooking the blue. Boat owners offer many facilities on their boats such as stereos, barbecues and sun loungers. You can have a unique holiday experience by swimming in the bays between boat tours and witnessing the sunset in the evening.

Companies that provide yacht charter services in Kaş often maintain reservation systems on their websites. These systems allow vacationers to choose the dates that are convenient for them and the boat size they prefer. In addition, additional services such as food and beverages, water sports equipment can be requested on the boat. It should be noted that the yacht charter option in Kaş can be customized according to the needs of the holidaymakers.

Chartering a yacht in Kas offers a very attractive option for an unforgettable holiday experience. When you get away from the crowd and noise on the beaches, you will find peace in the magnificent sea view. In addition, many Boat Charter companies offer advantageous deals such as weekend discounts. In addition, companies that provide yacht charter services in Kaş are ready to host holidaymakers from all over Turkey. Yacht charter services in Kas are ideal for those looking for the best places to stay in Turkey.

Bays to See in Kaş

Kas is a holiday town in Turkey that is popular with tourists. This place is known for its beautiful coves, the opportunity to swim in clear waters and historical sites. Visited by both local and foreign tourists, this town has many coves to explore. If you want to see these beautiful places, we have listed the bays that you must see in Kaş.

1. Kaputas beach

Kaputaş Beach, 18 km from Kas, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Antalya. This place is considered one of the most beautiful bays in Turkey. The only downside to the beach is that it's usually crowded. However, if you have the chance to go to Kaputaş, definitely don't miss it.

2. Akçagerme beach

Akçagerme is a wonderful beach located only 30 km from Kaş. During the journey, you will see wonderful natural landscapes. There is no need to worry about your pocket, as there are plenty of food and beverage options on the beach.

3. Hidayet Cove

Hidayet Bay, located within the borders of the ancient city of Aperlai in Kaş, is one of the must-see bays in Kaş. The bay is famous for its turquoise color and calm waters. Hidayet Bay is also known for its walking path and caves. If you are a bit adventurous, make sure to enter the caves in the bay.

4. Incebogaz Bay

Located close to the center of Kas, İnceboğaz Bay is the perfect getaway destination. The bay stands out with its calm waters and wonderful views. Enjoy finding yourself relaxing on a beautiful beach.

5. Little Pebble Cove

Küçük Çakıl Bay, which is only 1 km away from the center of Kaş, is only within walking distance and is one of the most popular shores of Kaş. It is popular because it offers a large sunbathing area and numerous water sports activities. Definitely add this wonderful dark to your list.

There are many coves and beaches in Kas. It is the most popular holiday destination for tourists, thanks to its interesting historical sites, wonderful natural areas and crystal clear waters. Each of these bays is special and Amasra takes your holiday to a completely different place. All of these coves offer a perfect option for those who want to take a sunbath and spend a peaceful and quiet holiday. The wonderful bays of Kas are waiting for you to spend an unforgettable holiday.